Part-Time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO Services in Leesburg

Few things are as rewarding as taking a promising idea and turning it into a profitable business. With growth comes the need for sophisticated financial management, and a CFO can make this process easier. However, not every company has the means to bring on an executive full-time. Berg Faircloth & Company provides outsourced CFO services for small business owners in Leesburg, giving them high-level insight and accounting support so they can focus on growing their ventures.

Reach out to our firm today, and discover how you can gain the experience of an executive employee at a fraction of the expense.

How a Part-Time CFO Complements your Accounting Team

At Berg Faircloth & Company, we understand that time is precious for small business owners, which is why convenience is at the core of our part-time CFO services. Our goal is to help elevate your decision-making processes. Whether you would like us to review your books on a monthly or quarterly basis, we make sure you have access to current financials when you need them.

Our team of professionals provides business advisory services, improving efficiency across your organization. From assessing whether your company’s internal controls are effective to performing competitive trend analysis, Berg Faircloth & Company handles the back-office details that promote long-term sustainability. As your part-time CFO, we provide continuous operational support in a variety of areas, including:

  • Budget Preparation
  • Profit Projections
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow Optimization

Forward-Thinking Strategies from our Leesburg CFO

Along with reducing the stress of day-to-day accounting tasks, our part-time CFO services help small business owners prepare for the future. Berg Faircloth & Company offers proactive financial advice, pairing our clients’ long-term vision with expert insight. We work alongside clients at every stage of business development, no matter if they are launching their first venture or seeking ways to expand their established company.

The guidance we offer as a part-time CFO goes hand in hand with the role we play in business planning. If implementing a new concept or service requires more funding, our firm collaborates with third parties to help clients with financing. For owners burdened by tax obligations, we create strategic plans to reduce liability and identify deduction opportunities.  When clients are interested in purchasing an existing company, we make sure they are well-informed throughout the asset acquisition process.

Let Berg Faircloth & Company be Your Trusted Business Advisors – Contact Us Today!

With the professionals at Berg Faircloth & Company at your side, you will have more time to pursue growth opportunities. While you may have been on your own when you started your business, there’s no reason to shoulder the responsibilities of running a company by yourself. For more information about part-time CFO services in Leesburg, get in touch with us today and schedule a consultation.

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